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  1. Update: after zeroing @ 100m (indoor) I finally had time to try it at shorter distances yesterday.From 25m it now shoots still ok with the ammo that you used for the 100m zero (4.5 N340, 125 HN HP). My practice load for PCC shot about 2-3cm to the right....not really a problem. So all is ok. Shot a 7cm 5-shot group @ 100m prone yesterday which I find pretty good for my shorttened s3.
  2. I zeroed on 100m last thursday.It took 5 clicks (aimpoint states 1 click is 16mm @100mm). Now I have to wait and see what the impact is (pun) on POI @ < 25m. I will know in a week or so. Other than that: Roundcount with the Scorpion is at 6500 and only one malfunction, which was cartridge related.Mine has a shortened barrel and a magpul stock.Wear and tear are still the same as roundcount 1000.Being a lefty, the ergonomics are spot on.Accuracy is 2-3 moa if I do my part. The only negative is the lousy trigger....Oh, and check the tightness of the screws that hold the frame together as
  3. I’ve been shooting rifles for 35 years....I know about trigger control so I would very much rule that one out. I will zero at 100m tomorrow and see what it will do at 20-25m next week.
  4. CZ scorpion evo3 is zeroed at 25m but has a significant shift to the left (out of the A-zone) at longer range (> 50m). My optic is an aimpoint pro. Bulletweight doesn’t seem to matter. Gun holds 2-3 moa @ 100m. Any ideas on what causes this drift of POI?
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