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  1. that doesnt seem to bad at all, did you have to have the hard chrome removed?
  2. That looks very nice will be calling them for sure! Thanks fore the info guys!
  3. Was looking at the nitride, are there any reputable companies out there that specialize in coating 2011s?
  4. Bought a 2011 style open gun last year, the finish was messed up on the comp. Looking to having the whole gun coated (not in love with the hard chrome.) These things being as tight and finicky as they are, I want to make sure it gets done right, my gun runs and would like to keep it that way. Any suggestions on who to send it off to to be coated??? Thanks!
  5. Switching over to Open instead of production, still aiming for A Class. Would you please switch me over. Thank you! jacketjoed (A75842)
  6. I find the dot good off the draw, I tend to lose it after moving to a new position. I just recently picked up BE's book and am only a few pages in so far but looking forward giving it a couple of reads!
  7. The one thing that really surprised me is that when I lose the dot it is low and I have to bring the muzzle up, figured it would be the opposite.
  8. Yep definitely need more practice and time behind the gun. Anyone have any good drills for working on it?
  9. Upright, tried them both when I was looking at guns and didn't like the 90 as much.
  10. Hey guys, Just switched over from production to open and looking for all of your tips, tricks, hints and wisdom. This has been a big change, have shot a couple matches and practices. My biggest issue so far is finding the dot when coming into new positions. Been practicing it a lot in dry fire but still having trouble. Thank in advance! Joe
  11. I was shooting 4.4 grains of unique for my production minor load at about 760 fps average and these feel a bit more mellow. Hotter loads didnt feel to bad, but not really having much to compare it against I couldn't tell you for sure. I thought they felt less snappy then a factory stuff. Also, my pistol is completely stock except for a trigger job so the loads would feel a lot different in a 2011. It is a little bigger flake then the unique but i find that it meters a little better, I weighted about twenty random load so far and the have all been with in .1 of a grain. I haven't really shot any groups with it yet, but I ran some drills with it last night and was able to keep all my shots in the head box at 15 yards as long as I did my part. The minor load is awesome, less rise then with my minor 9 in the same gun, total powder puff. Was able to pull quite a few .12 splits and still keep it in the alpha. (im a B class shooter)
  12. I had a very hard time finding any loading data for 40 minor loads using this powder. With the current times of using what you find I figured I would post the load I worked up with American Select. I ran out of my normal powder and was able to find an 8lb jug of it so I started using it. I shoot a 5" 40 M&P with a stock barrel, here are the loads I tried out. I was looking for around 750 fps shooting 180 grain xtreme plated bullets. All of these are 7 shot averages: 4.9 grains: 953 4.5 grains: 890 4.1 grains: 815 3.7 grains: 754 Hope this helps someone.
  13. ^ +1 xtreme all the way, dont even waste time with the berry's
  14. I just picked up a bunch of this powder and am looking for a good minor load shooting 180 gr xtreme plated bullets out of my 5” m&p. From reading the loading data from Hodgdon was thinking about starting at 4.4 and go from there. Im looking for around 775 fps. Thanks in advance. Joe
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