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  1. On the new Stage 3 (2-2-2 from barricade, emergency reload, 2-2-2 from inside of 1 set of barrels; and 2-2-2 from inside of 1 set of barrels, emergency reload, 2-2-2 from inside of other set of barrels), can you start moving to the second position while reloading? New rule 3.6.2 states, "In stages with cover or concealment, shooters may reload standing still or on the move anytime as long as they are not exposed to unengaged targets during the reload." After the first 2-2-2, there are no "unengaged" targets to be exposed to. This might not be the intent, but I don't see why you can't reload on the move to the new position. I guess one could take the position that the targets are "unengaged" for the purpose of the required re-engagement, but then how could you move from the first position to the second position anyway, as you would be exposed to these allegedly "unexposed" targets. Thoughts?
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