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  1. I'm thinking about buying a new Centennial Airweight 642 from a local dealer. Seems to be a well respected pistol. He's asking $379.00. Does this seem like a fair deal? Also any mods that you revolver experts would recommend? I'm a bit new to the revolver game. Thanks in advance.
  2. Recently Minesota passed "Shall-issue" gun legislation so law abiding citizen's can protect themselves. Certain churches in Minnesota have decided that we shouldn't have a piece while we are praying. Hell, I can't think of a more American thing to do . Pray with a gun. What are the chances that a gun in the hands of a (true) God fearing Christian is going to be used for "evil?" These wolves in sheep's clothing need to be exposed for what they are - a bunch of socialist, pacifist cry-babies who weaken our society by watering down the truth and chasing off a generation of kids who know that God didn't intend for us to be doormats for evil in the world. Man they piss me off!
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