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  1. It sounds like there just .357 barrels
  2. Do 929's and 986's really have .355 barrels? Or are they just .357 barrels? Thanks
  3. Does anyone have an idea how light of DAO pull weight a 929 could have that would reliably ignite factory federal american eagle? Thanks
  4. Wanting to get a good quality 9mm for recreational target shooting. For those who might have experience with both or either of these, which do you enjoy shooting more or would recommend. thanks
  5. Thanks for your input. I think I will stick with the standard 1:20. Basically, I was wondering if anyone knew which twist rate shoots 115gr factory fmj more accurately.
  6. I know the KKM 9mm 1:32 barrel is really accurate with 115 gr Sierra and XTP bullets, but does anyone have any experience with it shooting factory 115gr FMJ? I'm having a 9mm 1911 longslide built for target shooting but I do not reload. I know I can purchase these 115 gr match loads from Atlanta Arms. Just not sure, if I could afford to consistently. For my situation, I'm not sure if I should go for 1:20 vs 1:32 twist rate for the barrel. I know I could stick with 115gr weight when purchasing factory FMJ. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks
  7. Intending to build a 9mm 1911 LS with a Schuemann AET barrel. Can anyone comment on how well this barrel shoots with factory FMJ? Any particular bullet weights that do better? Thanks for your input
  8. Getting a 9mm 1911. I heard the slide tends to cycle slower compared to other calibers. Is there a weight of factory FMJ bullet that minimizes this?
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