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  1. Thanks everyone for all of the great info!
  2. Thanks for the great advice. please explain bad ammo?
  3. I have read that the 45 is a more dependable cartridge than the 40 and doesnt jam as much? Also just wondering, why would STI use those plastic parts are they that much cheaper and reliable.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Do you have an opinion on the best gun for the amount of money I want to spend? I hear the STI's are the best but would you recommned this or another, opinion appreciated.
  5. I am new to the sport of pistol shooting. A good friend thankfully got me started and l love it. I was looking to put between $800 and $1200 in a 1911 45acp and start shooting it. I hear STI is a great gun, but what about the trigger is it not steel? and does that make any difference. Also, are they built on the basic 1911 style and are parts easy to get.?
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