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  1. Cool, thanks for the replies everyone. I think I'll get 4-5 of the 6-rounders, a box of dummy shells and practice practice practice.
  2. I like the 4's for the reasons above. I also think the 6's are too long and can hit your legs when bending. YMMV. Do you guys have an auxiliary belt where these shot gun speed strips mount, or are they on your normal pistol belt? Currently the only rifle/shotgun gear I have is a Wilderness belt that I use for IDPA to mount a pistol holster and mag carriers.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. So what does everyone use...4-shell or 6-shell holders? I was steered away from the 6s because of the difficulty of just grabbing 4 under pressure. I like the idea of more shells, but I'm probably weakest with shotgun reloading, so I didn't want to make it harder on myself. What's the consensus? Obviously I need to figure out what works for me, but would 4X 6-shell holders a good place to start?
  4. I'm buying gear and trying to decide how many 4-round speed strippers I need. I figure if I have four 4-round strippers, +9 in the gun, that will get me through a 25 round shotgun stage. Will that be enough?
  5. FYI...Mesa Tactical says they have one coming out, maybe as soon as March '09.
  6. I'm putting together my gear to shoot my first 3-gun match and I'm looking at the Bladetech WRS holster. I shoot IDPA now so I'm only used to belt holsters, so I'd like some advice. Which design is better for 3-gun, a DOH or a thigh rig? This is the first piece of gear (other than my actual guns) that I'm buying so I'm basically a "blank slate" at this point. Let me know what works best for you guys. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone make a single point sling loop for the 930SPX? I bought the Mesa Tactical one thinking it would fit but no deal. I'm looking for an HK style loop.
  8. I just traded for a Kimber Target Stainless and I'm looking to put a magwell on it. What are my best bets. I'm going to be shooting the gun primarily in the ESP classification in IDPA matches.
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