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  1. DVC fails to go into battery

    I had a similar problem recently with my DVC open. The fix was a new ejector (Brazos tuned ejector). Solved all my problems.
  2. New DVC Issues

    I will check the disconnector when I get home this evening. The ejector looked good, but I have ordered a tuned ejector from Brazos. Yes, I did field strip, degreaser and applied lube (Slide Glide). Thank you
  3. New DVC Issues

    It will go back into battery, but no smoothly. It if definitely dragging on something.
  4. New DVC Issues

    9MM. Using Atlanta Arms major load (147 gr) until I can get home and work up a load of my own with 124 gr.
  5. New DVC Issues

    Just purchased a DVC and took it to the range over the weekend. Other than a few issues with MBX magazines Saturday, all went well. Decided to shoot local steel match yesterday. All good for the first three stages then three stovepipes on stage 4. RO suggested scope mount may be interfering with ejection. On to stage 5 and the wheels came off. Gun would not cycle. Felt like slide was catching on something before returning to battery. I applied additional oil and still could not get the slide to return without a nudge. Ended my match and went home. Completely degreased and generously oiled again thinking some grime may be causing the issue - although hard to believe after just 200 +/- rounds. Slide still getting hung up and requires a nudge to seat a bullet. I inspected the slide for damage or burrs and could not find anything. Any ideas?