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  1. Found the forum over on AR15.com and now hooked and wanting to look into some 3gun matches in GA. Been a high clays shooter for years, but just recently got into building AR's. Pistols are still very new to me, own a few but have not spent a whole of time with any of them. I did mange last week to pick up a good used CZ Tac Sport after reading all the good things on here. Thanks for all the info I have read and to many more

  2. I currently have a couple of block 17's and a couple of 1911's. I looking to get a competition ready 9mm to use for 3gun as well as maybe some other type comps. I've looked at everything from custom glocks, STI's, panther, para, etc. I'm kind of leaning towards the block due to parts availabilty and the fact just about any smith will know about them. How do you feel?

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