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  1. Wondering whether to buy a MP40 Pro or have work done to my Springer 1911A1

  2. I got nothin' ......... just sitting here waiting for the next match to come around this weekend :-)

  3. Bedell ran like a champ on Saturday at Circleville. Glad both Limited guns run on the same ammo and mags.... having a back up gun is a good thing :-)

  4. The Edge ran like a top on Sunday. I guess it needed a little shorter ammo and a bump in up in powder. Now I'm hoping the Bedell will run on the same ammo.

  5. The Edge had too many hiccups this weekend. Time to try some different length ammo until the Bedell is returned

  6. Need to pull the handle on the 550

  7. Must resist the urge to move to Open..... made a deal with myself that I won't switch until I make 'A' in Limited

  8. hates working until 11pm after coming in at 7:30am.

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