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  1. Single Stack Mags

    Wilson are the way to go; at least for me.
  2. HK

    I was wondering what gun do most H&K shooters shoot? Thanks
  3. What Springs and Where to Get

    Brownells has a lot of springs.
  4. which name brand spring is the best

    I like ISMI
  5. RecoilMaster

    Is anyone using an STI RecoilMaster in their SV Infinity? If so how do you like it? Thank you
  6. I only shot 2000 rounds of 45 and 1000 rounds of 40 in 2008. Hopefully I will shoot a lot more this year
  7. Glockworx

    I was talking about the fulcrum kit; therefore, I don't need to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheers: Thank you
  8. Glockworx

    Does the glockworx trigger package make the G34 illegal for production? Thank you
  9. SVI Mag Well

    I am using these basepads (STI, SV HiCap/For 140mm, 170mm,+1 Tool-less, Black). The mags are 140mm.
  10. SVI Mag Well

    I just bought 4 tuned STI mags with the Dawson +1 basepad for my SVI and they won't go all the way in. The Dawson basepad touches the magwell before it reaches the mag release. I believe that the mag well is preventing the mag from inserting all the way in. Has anyone had this happen to them? What do you guys recommend? Thank you