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  1. so is an sp-01 with a czc a bushing legal?
  2. I tried searching but search function in tapatalk seems kind of janky. I think it's legal from what I've heard, but want to confirm. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
  3. It seems like they are crazy busy right now, but I got in touch with Stuart and put some wheels in motion on 3 pistols. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  4. Thank you Stuart, i sent you an email last night.
  5. Want to place an order
  6. i've sent them 2 emails and have been calling for 3 days and it just keeps going to an answering machine. Anyone know what's up?
  7. i'm going to be doing some extensive night shooting and want to do some loads with low muzzle flash. I'm not needing to make power factor this will just be a 6 day night training class, but i don't want powder puff loads either. I'd be bringing a 9mm and 45 with me and shooting 124 gr and 230 gr pills. I'm thinking be86 or ramshot silhouette? What would you use? thoughts?
  8. holy shit snacks that's a lot of brass....
  9. That's stupid simple great idea i love it... is that a harbor frieght mixer?
  10. I've always seated and crimped pistol in 2 stations using the lee FCD on my 1050. Now that i have a mr bullet feeder, i'm thinking about giving a hornady seat/crimp combo die i have laying around a try so i can retain my powder check die. I've never used a combo seat/crimp die, how are they? I'm reloading mixed head stamp brass. Or am i better off using 2 stations and losing the powder check die? I was thinking about rigging up one of those cameras i see people use.
  11. I thought about a cement mixer, but you can't really put pins in the cement mixer. I would think they would all just stay at the bottom of the mixer unless you tilt it horizontal. If you do that everything will come out. Not sure how to make a watertight lid.
  12. I heard about polishing the powder measure to increase throw consistency, but looking through old posts i don't see many recent mentions of it. I also read that the powder measures now have some parts coated in teflon from dillon? So this might actually not be as good of an idea as it once was?
  13. So i've got pistol brass and military rifle brass by the 5 gallon bucket. I have a bigdawg tumbler that i bought years ago that's just not big enough to keep up anymore. Any suggestions for tumbling brass by the 5 gallon bucket without breaking the bank but i can still do wet and with SS pins?
  14. one of the ranges i shoot at has the big ammo up, with the rotating drum.. on hard surfaces that one works amazingly well... i can't speak for any of the other models... i've looked at the hand held ones, but i've always read mixed reviews, esp on non hard surfaces that it just doesn't seem worth the price/effort.
  15. i use the shock bottle 100 round... i wish they made it for all the calibers i shoot.