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WG revolvers?


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Has anyone tried the WG revolvers yet?

The 4" at $120 seems like a good choice, all metal with good reviews.

The CO2 power is desirable, especially for indoor use.

I have a 6" WG revolver. It's a good products, all metal, but i found a lack of accuracy, considering that is a 6 inch barrel.

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Thanks for the reply.

How bad is the accuracy in yours?

My practice distances are all within 7 yds, mostly 5 yds.

Is it too poor to be useful at 1/2 sized uspsa targets at those distances?

It's ok for that distances.

Only i found more accurate my GBB Marui 5.1 or 4.3 than WG revolver.

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That makes sense to me. Given that these were originally intended as toys, don't expect real gun quality in the fitting and alignment of parts. You're going to have a helluva lot better luck, accuracy-wise, with one chamber that's actually a part of the barrel in an Airsoft auto pistol than with aligning multiple chambers perfectly with a barrel throat in an Airsoft revolver.

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Maybe I'll better stick with my trusty ole' Crosman $50, CO2, pellet revolver for round gun practice.

It's been remarkably reliable and accurate.

The airsoft just seemed more useful indoors.

The pellet gun is kind of powerful and puts holes in stuff that easily stops airsoft.

Thanks for the info.

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