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Just ordered an HFC Glock17. Did I mess up?


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Hey don't sweat it, If it don't work, or breaks,

I'll fix it or replace it or give you your money back, can't beat that!! I've yet to have

one cause any major problems that I cannot fix.

other then one getting wore out after 20k rounds, but thats to be expected!

cheaper then 20k bullets.


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Manny is great to deal with and one of the nicest guys around. If you have any problems he'll take care of it. I recommend that you learn to work on the airsoft yourself. They will take regular maintenance and parts replacement, its just regardless of what airsoft you get they take some work if you shoot them alot. It is very easy, I mean very easy to work on these guns and the best thing is that if you do mess something up the parts a really cheap to replace.


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I appreciate that Manny. Great response. I appreciate great customer serivice as well as great products.

Learning to work on my own stuff is a priority. Have been shooting for a while but first time touching an airsoft. Jumping into it now and feeling my way.

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I think you will be fine. We purchased the same gun from Manny for my wife and it has worked great. Customer service??? Well lets just say that Manny called us from Hawaii to assure us the order would would be taken care of as soon as he got home from vacation. Now I have met two great buisness people in this sport! (add Bob L. and his wife of Brazo's Custom Guns)

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i think here, we are talking about the quality of HFC GLock and not the qualitty of Manny (Manny who?).

HFC Glock it's a good replica but there isn't the safe on the trigger as Marui or Kjw replica.

And so Shake you did a good deal buying this replica even if you didn't buy from Manny (Who knows Manny?)

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I bought one of these a few weeks ago and It's worked great so far. I have a question: Mine doesn't fit my G17 holster, would taking a dremmel to the slide mess up the timing at all? It's either that or buying another holster and making it fit the gun.

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