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Press Through Brass Sizer


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very nice, I especially like the roller handle on the press. People have been doing this for many years, I first tried pushing a case through a gutted Lee FCD back in 2001-2002. There are a few threads on it here, this is one from back in 2004:

push through sizer thread

One thing I did was to run a case through my regular loading process, measure it, and then run it through the push through sizer. With the brass I was using (all once fired from the Border Patrol) I was not getting the cases sized down any more than with the regular sizing die and the FCD at the end. Depending on where your brass comes from it may or may not be worth it. In my case it wasn't.

Neal in AZ

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Just remember, 9mm isn't straight walled if you decide to try that, it's tapered.

FCD is much easier to deal with, no need to cut in half, etc. Search GRX or GIZMO to find commercial versions of push thru type setups.

Nice work however of the inexpensive method

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I did make a modification today that seems to have promise. The 550 head is a little unstable and has to be aligned just right. However, at the hardware store they make 3"x3"x8mm or so plates used to bind decking and as hold reinforcing. I think they are about $2.50 and already have a 7/8" hole drilled in the center.


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