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2009 is in the rear view mirror - WOW!

A quick moment to say Happy New Year! I hope the New Year brings so many blessing to all on the forum. I tend to like saying that I hope that this next year blesses everyone with the best things that life has to offer. I like the broad statement, because for each of us those things are different. I simply hope everyone has a better year than last year, even if last year was a good one.

I also tend to reflect. And there's much to reflect on for 2009.

Tough year for the country, for the world. Tough year.

We lost too many soldiers. Period. But I thank them, those alive and those who've given the ultimate sacrifice, I thank you. My wife and I were traveling back to PA today and were blessed to be able to buy a group of soldiers at the airport their meal. I'd encourage anyone who can to replicate that. For one, it's not like it costs that much. For us, it was a hundred bucks. Big deal. For them, it was everything. And all of them searched us out (we tried to go anonymous) and thanked us. It was money that payed in dividends.

For my family, tough year. Both my brother and my sister are facing divorce. I pray for them both, because they are both incredible people. Sometimes the plan is less clear, but the path still exists. And they have us - the family. Nobody in my family is ever alone.

My wife, daughter and I pulled up stakes and moved. Overall, a great move. But not without challenges. 2009 was a challenge in that regard.

At the end of the year though, acknowledging that the year definitely felt like a year, I also feel like I blinked and it was gone. That the challenges of last year are in fact in the rear view mirror. 2010 looks to be better. Better as we all begin to look forward.

There's too much to say. Too many blessings. Every challenge I've had this year is as a result of the blessing I've got. Not in sacrifice of them, but because of them!

And because of the soldiers. Those who can't "hit" be.com because they are out defending our freedom. On the lines, now, doing what they do. Doing what a good number of us are not doing. Time to celebrate, but much more importantly a time to appreciate.

So tonight I've poured a drink, it is the new year afterall. A liberal portion of Knob Creek and a splash of Coke. I raise my glass to those soldiers. I raise my glass to 2009 - Thanks for the lessons. And I raise my glass to what will be another incredible year. A better year. A year not without challenge - that would be a dull year. A year wrought with challenge, opportunity, and continued blessings. To the point that we can all capitalize on every opportunity, that we can be the best that we can be, and that every one of us can bed down at night - every night - with whole hearts and sound minds.

God Bless and Happy New Year!


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Just hit the mark here. Happy New Years! Best wishes to all of you and good luck on all your endeavors. May your blasters run well, your reloads be smooth and quick and your stages be free of penalties and no shoots! All Alphas! :cheers:

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very well said,,

that post puts me to thinking,,my year also was full of challenges,,but thank GOD I am still here to see another year..

and Dick Clark still looks good :rolleyes:

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