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Life is hard. Life is short. Life is painful. Life is rich. Life is....Precious.


Been wanting to see this... This movie kind of rambles. Lots of things going on. If you can stay the course this is a great story. It's about strength and weakness, determination and oppression, pain and courage, hope and power. This is not a pretty story. It's mostly acted by women, but almost no femininity. Think the strength of a frontier woman in inner city New York City. Great view of that character and the world they live in...

The actors in this movie rock... The young lady that plays Precious is so believable that you can't imagine her not being 'Precious'! Mariah Carey is actually an actress or she can be if she wants to. The no name additional cast members fit the story like an old glove.

I didn't really like this movie, but I positively suggest you see it. It's not comfortable to learn the story of Precious. It makes you want to do something, to change this story somehow. A thing that strikes me about this film is that it's a story about a disadvantaged black woman that finds the strength to face the life she is given. I don't believe this movie could have been made without the support of Oprah Winfrey. The crimes/ cruelness committed to the character Precious in this movie light the fires of revenge. What would you do to help her? What could you do to help her? To me it's interesting that of all the people that would answer that the one person on this planet that has the absolute power to instill primal fear in the minds of the type characters in this sad movie is Oprah Winfrey. Not only does she control a certain segment of the media she is so crazy wealthy she has, as eminem said, she has 'the money to make you dead'. The character Precious could easily become an Oprah and I think that is one of the messages. Imagine a huge muscle bound rapist standing in front of Oprah trying to muster the physical strength to pee his pants. THAT is power. THAT is strength. That is the power and strength of the message in this movie. Tomorrow WILL be a new day for Precious...


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It was a stark depiction of some of life's unkind rewards for people unlucky enough to be standing in front of them and are unable to get out of the way. It's also in its own way a story of hope as it shows some of the extremes that can be endured, and possible overcome.

I'm glad I saw it but about half way through I was thinking I would need to watch something much more uplifting to offset the experience. An autopsy would be sufficient.

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