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Hackintosh laptop or netbook?

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Hey, does anyone own a hackintosh laptop or netbook? If you don't know what I'm talking about, there are some of the 10.1" netbook computers that Mac OS X - leopard and Snow leopard will run on with only a few mods. So you can have an ultra portable Mac for around $300. I'm thinking about trying it on a Samsung N310. Any input/experience is appreciated.

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Disclaimer: What you are talking about doing is illegal. Don't do it.

Now that we have that out of the way here is what I know.

First off a few sites to check out:




I have not personally done this but I do know people who have done it on the netbooks. Most of them simply required a wireless card change to get that working and then it was good to go for the most part.

Now to make this not as illegal as it is to begin with, your best bet will be to buy a legit copy of OSX and then browse for something along the lines of "iATKOS download" in google and see what comes up. It is still illegal though as the EULA makes some statements about not running OSX on non Apple hardware etc.

So while this seems like a cost effective way to have your OSX fix, sometimes it can be more frustration than its worth. Some stuff might not work at all like sleep mode, sound, screen brightness to name a few. If you do your research you can find something that will make the best setup overall. Also the last I remember the newest version of OSX 10.6.2 removed support for the Intel Atom processor. But now since my curiosity has gotten the best of me I just looked and that has been patched as well.

My opinion...not worth it. Updates are not seamless, some stuff might not work ever, overall just a hassle. But if you are willing to tinker and put the time in for it then it may be worth it for you.

If you really want that OSX flavor though then consider this...http://art-studios.net/home . Get one of those and then build yourself a reasonably priced desktop with known supported hardware and plug that thing in. Should be good to go.

But alas if you are a fan of tinkering, which for this project you should be just install linux on one of those little netbooks and play away. Thats what I did.

Hope this incoherent post helps.

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