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New Tuesday Night Steel attendance record


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Please describe the logistics - squad size, number of stages, round count, wait time between stages, match duration (wee hours of the morning), etc. 188 shooters seems quite untenable for an evening match or a day match for that matter at most ranges.

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Open squading, four stages (including one with paper - 4 elf heads and 4 snowmen), 75 rounds +/- (lower than normal, usually closer to 100), 30 to 45 minutes per stage, I assume a normal start which is around 4:00pm and the last shooter (me!) finished up just after 9:00.

Lots of people shooting also means lots of people resetting/taping/brassing so things get done quickly.


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On the rare occasion I can shoot Tues. I'll start early at 3-3:30 and be headed for dinner at 5 or so.

150-160 shooters is common at TNS. No taping or elaborate props so cycling through the shooters is fast.

The wait time really starts to increase after 4:30 due to people showing up after work.

So if you start early or late your done quick.


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Great match as always.

Got to give credit to Match Dir. Mickey Darren, Asst Match Dir. Troy Humpert and the "set up" Team (Hector Riemerssma, Rich Kohn, Joey Ortiz, and the new kid Joe Hannis). I dont know the "take down" Team, but thank you to them too. Oh yea...cant forget Gary Blunt.

Thanks again,

Larry P

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Not only 188 shooters with fours stages but stage 1 was shot 3 times by each shooter dropping their lowest time. I got there around 4:30 with the rest of us working stiffs and was done at 7:15. Amazing how quickly things can be done with rolling squads, hit or miss scoring, and no taping.

edited to add that having shooters be able to start from 3:30 till 7 is the other huge reason this works and a result of the hard work of all the staff out there.

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