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Constant Renewal Notices

Graham Smith

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A national organization that I am a member of has this extremely annoying habit - they keep sending me renewal notices despite the fact that I am a fully paid up member. I've gotten three in the past 6 weeks.

At first I thought it was because they were trying to give me plenty of notice.

Then I thought it must be because I just renewed.

Then I thought maybe it was because they had my name listed twice.

Now, 3 months after renewing and 9 before my membership runs out, I have determined that none of these can be true. They seem to just keep sending out notices without any regard to when your membership expires and without putting an expiration date on the renewal notice, month after month after month. Maybe they think that if they keep doing this people will forget or not check and will simply send them more money.

It sucks!

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I've been getting that a lot from several different magazine subscription services, they list it as notice of renewal. But they are not the same name as I wrote a renewal check to the last time. I have noticed that some of the magazines I subscribe to are on the stands before I get them in the mail.

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Yeah, I'm with you.....I started a similar thread maybe a year ago. Drives me nuts when I've just renewed something like a magazine subscription and two months later I'm getting renewal notices!!!! My wife actually didn't join that national organization because of all the junk mail :surprise:

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