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Casefeeder tubing/pipe

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I'm looking for the clear tubing that connects the CaseFeeder to the 650 or the 1050. I need a custom length for a one off project, but it needs to be the exact dimensions. I don't know if that stuff is clear pvc, acrylic, or what it is. and I can't find anything close to the dimensions that I have.

My 9mm tube is .720-.725 OD and .548-.550 ID... I'm looking for about 3' contiguous...

Anyone in the know, care to tell me what it is or where I might get it? I suppose I shall call Dillon tomorrow just to see if I can buy some *stock* from them... hmmm


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Mounting a case feeder on your CasePro? :cheers: Doing the same here. I'll probably use the short piece of tubing that came with the CP.



How'd ya guess... I found that I can mount it next to my 650 and just swing the 650 feeder over to the right location and lock the screw down, and poof feed the casepro from the same casefeeder... but I need a longer tube to do so... gonna call dillon right now.

NOTE: talked to Dillon, they are custom extrusions, so there is no standard size... What I did was ordered two from the 1050 (they are the longest) and I'll just put them together and either make a Fiberglass or Carbon sleeve to hold them or just tape them together with cellophane tape... Problem remedied...


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