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Tanfoglio TZ75 Series 88 in 9mm -- USPSA Production


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Looking into getting into USPSA next year so a few simple questions

For Single Stack I have a Kimber 9mm and three Colt 45ACP (Colt XSE, Colt Double Eagle, Colt 1911 NM 60's Vintage) -- would probably lean to the Kimber for competion

Question I want answered is for Production Gun -- I have a Browning Hi Power but it appears to be illegal so I am in the market for a Production Gun. My first choice is a CZ 75/85 which I owned in the past but sold to my Father-In-Law -- I found a Tanfoglio TZ75 Series 88 in 9mm at a local shop for $300 but it does not show up on the Production List.

Is the Tanfoglio TZ75 Series 88 in 9mm legal for Production Gun -- almost an exact copy of the CZ.

I was planning on shooting both the Production and Single Stack to start -- then maybe choice later.

Thanks for the help


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The Colt Double Eagle is legal for Production.

Looking at the USPSA website >rules>production list, I don't see (and the search gets nothing) on "TZ" nor TZ75. That's weird, as the Tanfo is a respected player in the IPSC world. Are you sure that the markings are "TANFOGLIO TZ75" or maybe is there a different marking?

I wouldn't use the the Kimber as a Single Stack gun, at 9mm it won't make major PF and puts you at a real disadvantage in scoring.

Is your Browning a BDA or BDM? Those are legal in production.

If you are just starting out, don't get too obsessed with the gear; just show up at your club with what you have. You will have plenty of time to change your mind after you shoot a few matches!

Shoot the Double Eagle in a couple production matches, and the Colt XSE in Single Stack, but plan on getting "race guns" in the future. Your race guns will likely be for competition only, based on what works well for the particular division you shoot in. (actually the TZ is a great production platform, as is the XSE for SS, but you will be tempted by XDm, Glocks, and Shadows in Production, and STIs in Single Stack)

Since you DON"T already have the TZ, I would NOT buy it as a Production gun. A couple reasons; no warranty, parts hard to find, and not on the list. Not to mention that CZ75s can be had for just a bit more and are more popular. Your race gun should have a warranty, as they tend to get used much more than the average pistol, and it sucks to have a problem gun that just costs you more money. Go to a big gun store and see what fits your hand best. (Glocks and M&Ps just plain don't fit my hand, XDs and my Witness Limited fit like gloves, they are all different) Also after a couple matches, your grip is going to change and what you think of a "good fit" is going to change.

Since you have usable pistols, use them to start, then go shopping, you will save MUCH grief doing it that way.

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