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Recommend Jacketed Bullets for IDPA SSR


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Hey All,

I got a nice present this Christmas...a .357 wheel gun!

I'm looking for recommendations for some bulk jacketed bullets to reload for IDPA SSR. No formal matches right now since I'm new to this.

What weight would you recommend and where can I get them?

I was looking at 125, 140, and 158 grain jacketed bullets. I've got a surplus of Titegroup so lead is out of the question until I use up the Titegroup.



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Would it be more cost effective to buy a couple pounds of lead friendly powder and shoot lead out of the revolver and use the TG with Jacketed rounds you may have on hand for other guns? (Im just assuming you have other Jacketed bullets for other guns you reload, so if not then disregard :) )

Im a fan of the heavier bullets also. Montana Gold or Precision Delta might have what you need.

Personally, I'd rather shoot a lot of lead, than a little jacketed for the same money, smokey or not.

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A heavier bullet will let you make power factor easier. I've used the Berry 158 grain round nose plated bullet a lot. Be careful not to crimp too much or it will cut the plating. I've recently been using Billy Bullet's moly coated 160 grain round nose. It shoots clean too. I've been using Titegroup with both bullets.

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