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Looking for a pistol

Cpl Oz

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This has turned out to be quite a trip. I decided that I needed a full size pistol in 9mm. I have a carry weapon and wanted something that was:

1) Very Accurate

2) Something that I could get started in shooting compeitions.

I don't know IPSC from IDPA so I doubt that I would be a serious contender but I would like to try my hand at some long distance plinking (up to 100 yards) and I reload and would like to get started shooting cast bullets in it too.

Well, I'll try and make a long story short. My dream pistol has always been the Sig P210 but I don't have $3500 lying around, nor will I ever. So first I looked at the Sigs, namely the 226's made in Germany. Looked like a good pistol but in searching for information, I heard about the CZ 75. I found the Tactical model that reminded me of the P210 but it's a little out of my price range. So I start my research again, find lots of good to say about the CZ but I see a post somewhere that tells a searcher like myself to not forget about the EAA pistols.

So that has brought me here. I like the "Match" version in 9mm. Would this be a good place to start? The price is certainly right. I like the ability to change calibers. I called EAA today and found out that a threaded barrel can be had to suppress. It seems to be a very good compromise between a starter competition gun and a very accurate carry piece.

A 10mm top end and I could hunt with it. By the way, will the Hunter length barrel and slide work on this frame?

What do you guys think?


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I've been shooting my standard Witness with a 9mm conversion for two seasons in my local pistol league (my Witness started out as a full size, steel frame .38 Super. I shoot it in "combat" matches which includes kneeling, left and right hand barricade, and 25 yard shooting. I also shoot it in "off-duty" because the 4 1/4" barrel meets the requirements. This includes drawing and shooting from a covered holster (jacket) at distances up to 15 yards, including headshots.

My Witness has run flawlessly.

I just bought a Match and intend to shoot 9mm with it in these competitions. I found I never used the double action trigger as I carry the gun cocked and locked. The Match I bought has a picatiny rail. In .40 with my Streamlight TLR-1 attached, it's a fantastic home defense pistol.

If I were you, I'd guy the Witness. I'd even get a 9mm Match gun.

Here's one on GunBroker for $529 with $20 shipping:


Here's a railed standard Witness 9mm for $400 with $20 shipping:


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I purchased a Witness 9mm Match two years ago. I purchased 4 extra EAA factory mags for it, giving me 5 total. I use it locally for IDPA, IPSC and Steel matches. I shoot the cheapest fodder I can find and occasionally reload(when I aint lazy). I have been to these matches going on over 2 years and have experienced one malfunction. Failure to feed, nose dive, which I cleared quickly and was back on track. I have shot a ton of different 9mm handguns from 1970 to today. From Hi Powers to even a Sig P210-5(target barrel weighted model). I paid $479.00 new for the gun over 2 years ago. I shoot 115 grain and like I said, cheapest I can find. It's as accurate a gun off the shelf as any other. It might even be more accurate with 124 grain bullets but honestly, never tried. Where I shoot its either 1911's or Tupperware guns. A few CZ's and my Witness and thats it.

I am an old 1911 man and have pistolsmithed them back since 1974. Been there and done that. I never touched the trigger on this gun, recoil spring or anything on this Witness. I clean it about every other match. Set the overtravel screw and been shootin for over 2 years. Trigger pull is 4lbs now on a NRA weight set. It was 4.5 when I got it. I added a fiber optic and made an Uncle Mikes 1911 holster fit it.

Yes its heavy. Went to the Idaho State IDPA match a couple years back and she just makes it weight wise! I like a heavy pistol for obvious reasons. It does drag on you at a match all day on your hip. But when it comes out, the extra weight(over a poly gun) is nice!

Do I recommend Witness products. HELL YES!

I own five of the criters! 3 Nines, 1 .40 and 1 .45 Match.

Any gun that can pull me from a sweet 1911 can't be all bad!

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If you like EAA(non of 9mm works reliably) I recommend CZ spo1 check it out.

very accurate super tight slide fitting and it works!

I have a Limited Elite in 9mm and have shot it in IPSC competition for the past two years and it has run flawlessly! in two years I have never... I repeat NEVER had any malfunctions. It is very reliable and eats ammo like its starving :cheers: I personally know three other shooters that use the same gun and they would tell you the same thing.....Incredible handgun!

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