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1911 Mags again

Alan Adamson

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I found a post a while back that talked about Tripp Research "System Mags". I'm trying to figure out a starting point for .40 SS mags in an SA 1911.

First a little background, gun will have a fit and finished, gunsmith installed S&A magwell - that seems to be the only specific piece of info needed. Other will be that I plan to load long to 1.190 (same as I shoot in my limited gun if I can get away with it) so it appears I want the 10mm mags instead of the .40 mags (that have internal spacers).

So I talked to Tripp about the "System mags" and here's what they said.

We haven't put it on the website as of yet because we like to talk to customers about it first. It was designed specifically to fit in the IDPA box it is a 10 round tube that we cut down and modify the follower so it fits right up the edge but still fits in. It holds 9 1/2 rounds and will stick out of the bottom of the gun more than the 9 rounder so it's easier to seat with larger magwells, IE Dawson Ice and Techwells big guy. The order can be placed online just order the 10 rounder of the caliber your interested in, by the looks of it your loading long and the 10mm is gonna be the way to go, and put "System Magazines" in the special information section. They cost the same price as the 10 rounders so the price you get at the end will be correct!

They also gave me their phone number to call as they suggested it might be easier to have any further conversations via phone.

I called them and told them that I'd be using and S&A magwell, not an ICE or techwell, and they said, really no need for the "System Mags" then that the 9 round 10mm mags would do just fine.

So, for those using Tripp, which way have you gone given the above? If using the "System" in a standard magwell (not an ICE or techwell), do they stick way out? Will they still fit the box?

Last piece of info... I'm wondering if I might like the slightly longer mags anyway, I'm so used to shooting limited with long basepads, that attempting to do a reload with a shorter magazine may get me in trouble (ala not seating it).

Just figured I'd asked the smarts of the group... Thanks in advance!

ps. they apparently also have alloy basepads if you want those instead of the plactic/rubber ones.


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I just recieved my systems mags last week. I use a SA magwell. The alloy pads are great. I was concerned about them possibly breaking when they hit concrete. No problem at all. As a matter of fact, I am going to order 5 more alloy base pads before the WSSF Match. Virgil is a great guy to deal with.

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