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With some of my friend "Matt" help I can now make a web page with Goggle maps and put all the matches across the USA by looking at a map instead of going to every "match web page" to see if they are shooting this weekend. This is going to make travel so much better. I wish I would have thought of this a lot sooner.

Thanks Matt "The tech guy"

Thanks Google

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It's to hard for me to set up, I'm just entering all the data I have 5 states done and should have the rest done in a week or so including all major matches. I will post it on my web page this weekend so everyone can use it

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I wanna build one of those maps for my area.......how do I do it ??



You need a Google profile. Then go to "my maps", create a map, and start doing lots of internet research. Websites don't get updated even when clubs and matches die or match times and dates change. Lot's of clubs still don't communicate electronically at all. Heck, our Area website isn't even up to date. [Crap. Was that my outloud voice?]

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