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Remington 11-87 issues - need help!


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I got a used 11-87 Special Purpose for Christmas and took it to the range today. Problem ensued immediately.

I started shooting and the gun would not cycle AT ALL. The bolt would not move rearward whatsoever. It was a single shot shotgun, for all intents and purposes.

So I took it apart. I immediately saw the problem. The gas cylinder spring was not in the correct position. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, go to the manual here and look on page 11, picture 12:


Using a screw driver I was able to move this piece back down onto the cylinder where it was supposed to be, covering two holes. I loaded the shotgun with 5 rounds and tried again. It cycled 3 shells perfectly and then stopped cycling again. I took the gun apart again and moved the spring back where it is supposed to be again, and once again the gun cycled 3 shells and then choked.

Now looking at the manual, I see that this gun is missing the gas cylinder collar, which can be seen in the same picture linked above. Would the part not being present cause the gas cylinder spring to come loose? If not, what else would cause it?

I really hope someone can help me out on this!!!

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I don't know about the spring in the picture but the normal problems with an 1100/1187 start with the barrel seal, o-ring, & activator parts. Quite often, they are installed incorrectly or need a replacement o-ring.

May I suggest that the special purpose gun was built with heavy loads in mind. If the barrel seal & O-ring are all good & installed correctly, you need to try some heavy loads to see if the gun will run. If it does, you may need to drill out the gas ports in the barrel to allow more gas for more reliable function, especially with light loads.


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I have a Special Purpose 21" that would not run on the Winchester 100 round value packs. I bought the 1187 supermag activator and it cycles great now- even when dry. But, my SP doesn't have the spring as shown in the picture.

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I just had a crazy thought guys. Instead of plugging those holes, how about using some JB Weld to keep the spring in place? :closedeyes:

Like I said, when the spring was over the holes, the gun ran GREAT but during firing it moved out of position. If the JB weld will keep it in place, I think I'm in business!!! :cheers:

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I would just buy the collar from brownells

I don't think the collar keeps the spring in place. I was told its only there to protect the wood forearms and isn't even used on synthetic forearms.

I would have to agree with Jim, buy one from Brownells( gas cylinder collar). Manuel stated gas cylinder collar not used on super magnum. Ihave a synthetic and it does use collar.
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