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Where to get barrel installed


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Hey Revo shooters,

I have an original model S&W 610 that has a ported barrel on it. I also have the original barrel and would like to have it re-installed so that I may use this gun in USPSA. This gun already has a trigger job and chamfered cylinder. Should I contact Smith and Wesson to get this done or is there a better Gunsmith to send it to? I wasn't sure if Smith and Wesson may undo some of the mods if I send it to them for the work.


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Matt at Revolver Armorer just switched my 625 barrel. He is an active revolver competitor and knows his Smiths, only works on Revolvers. Works great set up nice and tight.



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Try Lightning Strike Technologies (LST) at Williamstown, WV . This is just accross the ohio river from Marietta, OH. Dustin Bonar is the 'smith. He spent 10yrs at Novak's, and now is out on his own. Phone No, (304)375-2099 or(304)893-2577. It's about a one hour and 30/40 minutes from you.-------- JWB

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Try Warren who posts here as "Tool Guy". He's a Smith gunsmith and has a very good rep. He can be found in the dealer section or do a search on this forum. If he can't help, I'm sure he can point you to someone that can. Good luck.

BTW He makes custom front sights for Smith Revos as well.


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