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Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Unit Review


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Just a quick note, I really, really like this trigger, a lot

it's the first time I have ever used a single stage trigger in an AR

for the most part, I have used the RRA NM 2 stage and been happy with it

I have one in my Sabre Defense 5.56

I have a Jewell in my Remington LTR and while it's set lighter, the Wilson is just as nice

It has no creep nor overtravel, and a very short reset

in fact, when it resets, the trigger moves forward maybe an 1/8" and stops, as you start to apply pressure on the trigger there is no movement whatsoever, just a solid wall that breaks clean and ultra crisp

very crisp and breaks like the perverbial glass rod

I did put a Gieselle SSA in my ARP 16" Recon but after using this Wilson, I think I am going to replace it with another TTU

Not that I don't like the SSA, but that I want both of my hunting ARs to be the same trigger and would rather have the TTU than the SSA personally

in short, I can't think there's any way they could make the trigger more perfect

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but can anyone confirm whether the Wilson TTU half-cock feature functions exactly like a 1911 half-cock? Or does it function like the AR Gold's secondary (intercepting) sear, which allows you to fire the gun even if the rifle is dropped and the trigger compromised?

Working on a .308 AR build and I've narrowed it down to these two triggers.


ETA: Found my answer. It is exactly of the 1911-type.

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