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Score One for the Good Guys


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On Christmas Day, some dirt bag snatched a 5 yr old girl from an apartment complex common area in north Phoenix and took off with her in his pickup truck. Happened about 2 pm or so. Apparently witnesses were able to get a decent description of him, the truck, license number, etc for a decent BOLO to be sent out. An amber alert was broadcast, it was all over the news all afternoon.

About 10 pm, a police officer on patrol spotted what seemed to be a possible match for the truck and occupants driving about 2 miles from the apartment and tried to pull the guy over. The truck took off and long story short, through using stop sticks, they were able to get the guy after a brief chase. The little girl was in the truck and apparently unharmed although no one is saying what happened to her during the kidnapping.

The officers name was broadcast and I believe he is someone who stops in the store to pick up parts from time to time. I can't wait to shake his hand the next time I see him. When we first heard this, immediately everyone feared the worst and it apparently turned out about as well as it could of. The police department here in Phoenix take their share of heat, some deserved, most not, I hope that they get a large dose of praise from the public and the press on this one. They deserve it.

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