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New Brass sticking at powder drop


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Hi folks and Merry Christmas to you all

First off, XL 650 with Dillon dies

I'm loading some new 44 mag Starline brass and it's sticking, big time, on the powder funnel. At first I thought it was the sizer and backed that off.

I pulled the funnel and it has some evenly spaced nicks on it


It's OD is 0.4265. ID of the brass 0.425. I use a very minimal flair.

These are full-house loads and I hand prime the cases.

Is this typical? I have some new, primed, Winchester brass that doesn't do this at all.

Thanks in advance, I didn't have much luck with the search funtion.


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Sticking with new brass is very common. New brass will have a tiny burr on the inside of the mouth. After twenty or so rounds pull the funnel and polish off the brass that will accumulate on it. Some jewelers rouge and a buffing wheel work well. Just the nature of the beast.

Merry Christmas,


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