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CZ Tac Sport and CR Speed WMS-II holster


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So, I was able to get most of the small adjustments in. The trigger guard is very narrow, so I had to make spacers to pinch in the trigger guard as best as I could while still being stable. I was doing some dry fire in my basement and accidentally left my holster locked. With a strong pull on the draw, I both realised that 1: my trigger guard was still locked and 2: it came out anyways.

I'm a little worried.

Just walking around and such it's not going anywhere. But, I found that a good knock from the rear will send it tumbling out of the holster.

When I set up my CZ-40b limited 10 gun, I tried yanking it from my holster, and it didn't go anywhere, including the 'knock from rear' test. That is not the case with the new Tac Sport.

Below is a picture of what I think the problem is. I do not believe that the springy finger thing goes deep enough into the trigger guard, or the knobby thing in there isn't aggressive enough. Is there a replacement piece I can put in there?

Thank guys!


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If you got your holster new you should have received a couple of extra springy fingers with different profile knobby things some will protrude farther into the trigger guard and have different angles. Sometimes you may have to grind or file on them a little to get the desired effect, go slow a little can make a big difference. Mine will not fall out if pushed from behind but if I draw with it locked it will come out but you have to pull hard, I think almost all of CR's will do that.


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Whoops forgot to say I got it used. It came with a bunch of spacers, but no other springy fingers. I guess I'm looking for the same level of retention that I was able to achieve with my 40B. I toyed with it again after the post, and it feels unsettling because it's not just when I draw, but when bumped from behind.

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