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ISMI mag tube springs - how much do I cut off?


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I'm putting a new ISMI mag tube spring in my Rem 1100CM and wanted to know what length I should cut the oversize ISMI mag tube spring down to? I asked the same question earlier about a Benelli M2 and was told I should cut it so that it extends 12" to 13" past the end of the tube - does this same length also apply for the Rem 1100CM?

Did a search and couldn't find this specfic topic discussed for the Rem Shotgun.



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We use the ISMI springs in our Nordic Extensions and recomend 10 to 16 inches longer than the entire tube assy. So you are on the right track.

I would suggest to start at the longer number and work your way down


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For my 1100 and M2.. I didn't cut it at all and tried that.. worked fine so I left it.

The only downside, with the longer Noridic tube... I lose just enough room so I only get 10 in the mag tube instead of 11.

WIth the normal tactical tube, cut or uncut, the mag tube still holds 8.

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