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Multi person class vs. one on one


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I'm planning on at least one class this year and am weighing my options. I'd like some opinions on value of say a two day class with a squad vs a one day private class. I have previously had a Double Impact class and made a marked improvement after it. I have the opportunity for private training with a 2 time National Champ in my area. Currently A class in Lim/Prod btw.

Thanks, GB

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Gary, why not do both. You know the spiders will miss you in March if you don't come back this year. :devil:

ETA: IMO Benefit of a 1 on 1 is you get uninterrupted time with the coach and could quite possibly cover more ground. With a group, you may not get as much time for yourself but you could also learn from the instruction of others. I think both have their benefits.

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One on one class all the way at your current skill level!!!

In a multiple student class what is "Trained" usually has to be focused at a level that is skill averaged for the group attending. For example, if you have C – M shooters in your class what is covered may be redundant to what you already know and since time has to be dedicated to the very basics less time can be used on the more advanced stuff. So its more of a “Skiff” of information verses a very focused breakdown of a given issue you are having. This is at least what I have experienced in group training. In a one on one class the trainer can focus on improving YOUR limitations and yours alone.

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