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My son has Pneumonia


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So his name is Connor and he is 4 and he has Pneumonia. We spent the day at the hospital, had an Iv for fluids and some meds. He also has an ear infection in both ears. He is a trooper. We got home about 530 after 7 hrs at the hospital. We have a DR. apt tomorrow moring at 9. I hate that he feels like this and hate it more that its xmas. He missed his preschool xmas party today. But on a good note the following just happend.. and made me laugh.

He waddles out of his bedroom and into the living room very sleeply(just woke up) scratching his belly and says "dad can I have a snack?" I said "buddy you are too sick for that it will prolly make you throw up." He reasponded " Im gonna throw up anyway dad so Id like a snack now." LOL..cant argue that logic.. but since I have to be all grown up now I didnt let him and took him back to bed.. But ..I do agree with him..lol

So I HATE kids being sick

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Sorry to hear about your son. You are going to be taking it harder than he will. Just how it works for loving, caring parents. As far as Christmas is concerned, if it will be better put it off for a day or two when he feels better. He won't know the difference.

God Bless Y'all,


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Chris, the fact that you are there walking him back to bed and tucking him in will speed his recovery!

Hang in there, and dont get run down yourself. Plenty of fluids (non-alcoholic) and get your sleep as well!

Been there done that with my boy too!

Merry Christmas,


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I too have been there and done that. Nobody can really explain the feelings we have as parents until you live it.

Sorry to hear about the littleman. As parents we want everything perfect especially on a holiday. My family and I wish him well. Have a Happy Holiday and healthy New Year.


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Hello: I have had pneumonia and it is no fun. Give your little guy lots of warm fluids and a warm hat and socks to wear. Make sure you get your rest and spoil the little guy :cheers: When I see little ones sick it really pulls on your heart strings so keep your chin up. All the best and give your son a hug from all of us here. Merry Christmas! Thanks, Eric

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