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Schumacher to Return to F1 With Mercedes


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Being a huge Schumi fan, It will be nice to see him on four wheels again instead of two, although I do think he is in a lose lose situation. If he wins, the media will say it's a superior car, if he is out of the points it will be because of his age.

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great news for F1. remember, schumacher began his career at lemans with the mercedes junior team in one of those C9"s. it was really fast at that time. so the connection to mercedes was always there. brawn made it a no-brainer.


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It is cool he'll be back. I'll be rooting for him to have all podium finishes. Behind the first two Ferrari's ;)


LOL I bet he could drive a '69 Pinto wagon in the race and still finish in the top three. :roflol: I remember watching him back in the early days of his racing career and man he was good but only got better.

Joe W.

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