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Lite FP strikes


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Started to get very light hit's on the primers today,

first time. After cleaning out the FP and ext. hole I

found that the FP is not always going all the way

forward- but just enough to put a small hit on the

primers- out of 90 rds had 6 like this! I can push

in on the FP and it some how get's hung up on the

FP block. Maybe it needs a new FP block?? Only

has 1k rounds through it! :wacko: Any ideas?

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Not reloads- went back and the 6 fired- happened to

factory also- you can push on the FP with a small

punch and it will not come out the FP hole at times!!

Something is binding/keeping the FP from going all

the way forward :wacko:!

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