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Magazine catch spring


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My G34 that was new in July of 08 just had the mag catch spring break. It's the straight piece of wire that installs inside the handgrip. During dryfire the past couple months, I would notice that I would have a mag fly out of the gun while drawing once in awhile. Just recently I noticed that the mag release didn't have very much tension and was easier to hit and release the mag by accident.

Put in a new $1.00 spring and she runs like new. Now I gotta get some spares..

Gotta love Glocks B)

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I actually slightly bend the mag catch spring with a pair of hognose pliers to make the mag button easier to depress. I've never had a broken mag catch spring. I have to wonder if that might be because the bent spring is worked considerably less, i.e. there's a lot less pressure on it when the mag button is fully depressed than would be the case with a straight piece of wire.

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