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Crazy .22 Full Auto!


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kinda reminds me of the old American 180. Damn that was a fun gun. Never owned one but got to shoot a couple. lots and lots of loading for a few seconds of pure joy. If only we could get that NFA out of the way, or at least the '86 law.

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Oh, that would be a hoot! :surprise: Who makes them?



Tactical Innovations, but if my understanding of the NFA is correct nobody is actively making new full-autos for public sale....sadly. R,

not quite. it was the law passed in 1986 that keeps us from getting new guns with a fun switch. Up til '86 you could buy a new machine gun, as long as you did the paperwork. The NFA just made the things like short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, any other weapons (think pistol with a fore grip), and machine guns federally controlled. The '86 law said no more new machine guns.The other stuff is still ok, as long as you do the paperwork first.

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Was that a 200 round burst?

Those plastic drums come in 165 (3 layers), 220 (4 layers) and 275 (5 layers) rounds. The first one looks like 275 and the second view on the second video looks like 220. With the price of ammo, this thing costs around 80 cents per second to shoot.

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That does look fun.

I've got an M16 I could put this on ...hmmm Christmas is in just a few days...too bad it's $1750 :(


From web site:

The AM15 full auto UPPER RECEIVER allows you to shoot unmodified .22LR American 180 drums, in either 165 round, 220 round or 275 round capacity, on your M16 host receiver. The full auto AM15 upper receiver conversion is a BATF APPROVED OPEN BOLT drum fed .22LR rimfire caliber conversion that ejects through the AR mag well. It uses Colt Light Machine Gun style open bolt fire control parts, which are included with the AM15 conversion. The AM15 conversion will only work on registered receiver sear drilled M16 lowers. It WILL NOT work with drop-in auto sears or with lightning links. THIS CONVERSION WILL NOT WORK ON ANY SEMI AUTO AR15

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I saw a mag earlier this year at Knob Creek that went into a standard AR receiver and had a drum on the bottom of it and it held 275 rounds of 22 lr. if my memory serves me it was about $275.00 for the mag, I kinda remember saying a $1.00 a bullet. I don't remember the name of it but I bet if you do a search on youtube you will find it. :rolleyes:

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