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1st Generation Caspian Frame (Round Trigger Guard)

Paul Burtchell

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I'm looking at purchasing a 1st generation Caspian framed open pistol in 9x21. The pistol is coming with an old leather Safariland holster and no mag pouches. I'd like to do some updating. The mags are the old style Springfield.

Would the CR Speed WSMII holster for an STI and the CR Speed Versa Pouches work??

I've used the search engine but there is not alot of info. out there regarding first generation Caspian frames with compatability with todays gear.

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I run a 2nd gen gun,the cr speed holster works great with the caspians, I'm using safariland 771 mag pouches for the sti/para, and they work fine with my caspian mags.

on the 1st gen frames, make sure it's been reinforced in the area under the grips, the early guns would crack there

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