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open gun in kids show


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So I am sittin here watching Ben 10 alien swarm. Someone is braking into the good guys complex. Most of the kids get thier "special powers" going and the old man grabs a gun. And yep its an open gun. looks like an svi/sti has a cmore, and a cocking rail. Good stuff..lol From the looks of how easy he racks the slide looks like its got a pretty light spring..lol

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In the first few seasons of Heroes on NBC, there was an SVI Open gun (minus the Cmore) running around in the hands of Noah Bennet. Comp on it and everything.

Rumor has it that Steven Segal is having an S_I built for him on his new show.

My guess is STI/SV will be getting a lot of new business. I've personally seen about a dozen threads on other gun forums where people are asking what kind of gun was on Heroes.

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