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I just received my Open gun back from Accurate Plating & Weaponry and can't believe what a great job Bob Cogan did on it. I had my Bedell chromed with a bright finish. Before Bob did the work he called me and discussed all the ramifications of polishing a gun in to a mirror finish just to make sure I would not be disappointed. When he got done with it all the lettering and edges are still sharp with almost no signs of any edges being rounded off. I've had a lot of motorcycle parts polished and chromed in the past and have seen some horrendous polishing work. Bob or whoever does his polishing really knows his business. I highly recommend his work.

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Whenever you polish a piece of metal you are wearing away the surface. So what happens is all the sharp edges begin to round over and all the lettering and serial numbers becomes less sharp or "soft". The Bedell has a series of cutouts on the slide and if not polished correctly the edges of the cutouts become rounded and loose that sharp crisp look. Also the sharp straight line that you see on an Open gun between the comp and the slide can get rounded over. The mark of truly good polishing is when all the edges remain sharp and thats what I got from APW. I'll post some pictures when I decide what color grip I'm putting on it.


I too had a gun chromed by Bob earlier this year. It was an STI EDGE and I couldnt be happier with it. You should post some pics of the finished product! :)

(PS what exactly are the "ramifications" of polishing to a mirror finish?)

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