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Trijicon TA01NSN

Duane Thomas

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's one. Marked Trijicon ACOG on right side. NSN number and Serial number on left. What distinguishes the TAO1 and the TAO1NSN is the backup iron sight with Tritium font sight post that is built into the TA01NSN.

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Just happened to check out Trijicon's website and noticed this:

"Genuine Trijicon® ACOG® scopes can be identified by three distinguishing characteristics: Every ACOG® will be marked with the serial number on the top of the scope, both on the eyepiece and the main housing. All Trijicon® ACOG® scopes have a statement on the left side of the unit indicating that the sight contains tritium. The words “Trijicon® ACOG®” are forged into the main housing and appear as raised letters."

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