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Moly Bullets and the LEE Factory Crimp die


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Fairly new reloader here. Im satisfied with lead, but shoot mainly indoors at this time. Thinking of cleaning up my shooting a bit and Im looking to try some BBI or Bayou bullets.

I currently use a Lee Factory Crimp Die and would like to know if I will need to purchase a Taper crimp die to get the best results from these bullets. If so, what TCD do you recommend?

Thanks much.

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I've loaded moly bullets from 3 different manufacturers in 2 different calibers with a FCD. I've never had an issue with them. Just make sure that you're not cutting through the moly when you crimp and you'll be fine.

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a strong crimp is not necessary on a cartridge that head spaces on the mouth.....in fact the only thing that is necessary is to remove the bell/flare caused by the case mouth expanding die.....as long as you get the case wall straight again, you are good to go....nothing else is necessary, and a true "crimp" or inward taper will cause excessive pressure and is absolutely un-necessary in an auto loader....not sure what kind of profile the lee FCD provides, but just as long as it straightens the case mouth back out and doesn't roll/chamfer or deform the case mouth....you are fine

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