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Service Life for frame and barrel


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Looking at a couple of "for sale" offerings led to a question: how long is the service life for a competition barrel in a 1911? How about the frame?

I have several pistols that have several thousand rounds down range, I change out the springs regularly and clean them carefully.

When do the experts suggest changing a barrel, and when do you retire a frame?

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As far as the frame/slide goes, it really depends on how well it was originally fit. I would think 50,000 rounds shouldn't be a problem with a decent fit.

As far as the barrel goes, if you are talking about it being "shot out", that depends a lot on what load is put through it.

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1911 in 45 acp?

Barrel may last 100t rounds or much more with lead or coated bullets. less if fmj.

I have a 40 cal shuemann ultimatch barrel that has shot 150t rounds or so. it still is very accurate. the lands and grooves are a little bit deteriorated on the first inch when viewed from the chamber. but it still works.

I Shoot coated bullets exclusively. YMMV

I got an aet to replace it this quarter though

Frames would seem to last forever on forged 1911 frames

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I had a springfield custom shop singlestack(yeah its that old) go 50k before i sold it to a friend, who put another 25k on it and then sold it to someone lese and we lost track of it...with the exception of actual cracks in the slides/frames the guns should be fine, keep checking accuracy by shooting groups at known distances and keep those records, also keep an eye on velocity, as the barrels wear you will have to nudge the powder charge up,assuming all the components staythe same....

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