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When it all starts coming together


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I have been trying to "Call my shots" for the last couple of months and my club had their annual end of year 12 stage match this weekend and the stages I did the best on I can remember seeing the red fiber of my front sight and *knowing* if I was going to hit what I was aiming at or not.

I didn't really realize I was doing it until the RO commented on the fact that on one stage I was shooting at a popper that was about 30' away and I shot and did not transition to the next target because I *knew* I had missed it. I reacquired sight picture, hit it and moved on to the next target.

I learned a lot in that match and had a LOT of fun too! :D

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Nice work!

I always enjoy these "coming together/calling shots for the first time" posts.

Once you've experienced your first, rock solid call - now it seems so simple.


It is amazing how much speed you pick up when you *know* the shot is going to hit where you are aiming.

...now I just have to repeat that at the next match! :)

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...and then there was me, thinking about arguing with the RO (was either BOZ or Mark, don't remember) that I *couldn't* have missed that popper because I *saw* the sights when I pulled the trigger. Everyone else probably got a laugh that I ran away from the start position leaving one of the two poppers still standing.

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