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I went out to do a little plowing with the outlander this morning, and I noticed that the winch on the plow was running pretty sluggish.Finally it would not even unspool anymore.I ended up taking the winch off the atv and bringing it inside to disassemble. What I found is that there was way too much cable on it, and it ended up breaking one side of the spool housing(in 4 pieces). The cable was so twisted I had to take the whole unit apart just to free it. I then went to test it again to see if the motor still worked, it did but only 1 way. I am assuming I burnt out the selenoid. After calling around to see what I should do now, I called extrememax, (the company that made the winch) to ask them what they suggested.

Now keep in mind, the winch is at least 3 years old, and i bought it used on the 03 outlander.

The guy at Extrememax explained that I should be running it with a snatchblock, so the cable runs in and out easier. He then asked me for my address. I am thinking, hey wait a minute, I am not about to spend more $ on parts, then shipping, since I was not sure what parts were even broken. I then ask him, why do you need my address, I dont have a warrenty. He said, I know, I need it to send you your new winch kit? Kit I said? "Yes, a whole new winch with all of the parts" I was just floored, this company is going to send me a brand new winch for a problem I helped create. All the guy asked is for me to tell people how I was treated. That is what I am doing right now. Anyone out there that needs any outdoor gear from a great company with outstanding customer service. Please buy from Extreme max .

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