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Well Farley Collins has a repuation as a good guy so let me just add to it.

He sold me one of his "POLISH PLATE RACK"s when I told him I was going to use it in the Memphis Charity Challenge to raise $ for St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital he then said he'd donate $100 for every Plate rack ordered at the Memphis Charity Challenge. He sent me a check to give to St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital for $300.00 for plate racks ordered from the vidieo of the Memphis Charity Challenge. There were no actuall orders from the match but because of the vidieo he sold 3. This was over and beyond what he said, but since it was because of the match he sold them he says he felt it was the "Right thing to do".

Thanks Farley Collins and NORTH SALTLAKE WELDING !! :cheers::cheers::cheers:


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I believe our club in Albuquerque bought one because of the Memphis video. We shot it for the first time yesterday. Thanks to the info here, I beat the local fast 20-year old by 5 seconds :rolleyes: It will have a place in the 2010 High Desert Classic!

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If you guys think he's so damn neat, come and get him. Utah is not that long of drive or for the right deal we will ship him to you. Be advised there are several maintenance procedures to owning a Farley. Just the washing, waxing (god there is a lot of hair), and feeding can take the better part of a day. You will also have to do a lot of training to be able to tolerate a guy who sets up stages every match, builds new targets, fixes old targets, makes us laugh constantly, continues to design evil devices such as the PPR and the double random swinger, and just generally makes any time you spend with him more enjoyable.

Just know that no returns or exchanges will be available. :P

Farley, you're a stud and now you're famous :cheers:

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