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im pretty new to this but i do have one piece of advice....

Slow down when videoing yourself for help, lol. J/k man. You are well ahead of me. hopefully some seriously experienced people will be here soon to chime in and help us both. keep up the good work!!

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Looks good, you've got the movement down. Work on practical application of it that would be more beneficial for match performance. Sometimes over practicing a reload drill like that, especially if you are new, can bring about bad habits.

There are plenty of guys here that can smoke that draw shoot, reload drill. But I don't practice it much any more because there's not a lot of practical uses for a drill like that in a match. You will never usually take a single shot, then reload and shoot again. Nor will you ever want to do a standing reload. I do it as a quick warm up, but it's usually a double tap, reload another double tap into another target.

I integrate drawing on a targets of various distances or shooting an array, then sticking that reload with movement towards another target. If you want to see if that drill is any good, take it to live fire, and use a 6" steel plate at 10-17 yards. If you can't hit the steel plate at that draw speed you are practicing at, it's useless to integrate it to your reload drill.

Keep it up, for a new shooter you have picked up the mechanics very quickly. Good luck!

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Pick up a good dry fire book and most important commit to it. If you don't have a timer, get one. I recommend using what they use at your matches. As long as it has a delay and par time, it's a good timer. The only way you know you are making progress is to measure your improvement, again this is what the timer is for.

Strive for perfect form, then push speed until it breaks down. find that speed, reduce it by 15-20%, that should be your "match" speed. This is the speed where you are fully in control, and your form is perfect.

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You damn sure need a better place for your trigger finger. I can't tell from the video if it is in the trigger guard at all, but it is certainly visible through the trigger guard. Find a good index point to put that finger (up on the frame or slide).

FWIW...that is an issue I have to deal with when I shoot a 1911, instead of my usual Glock. I've seen shooter push their slide stop pin loose and that sticks in my mind enough that my subconscious wants to avoid putting my find near there (so I leave it curled and just out of the trigger guard). All it would take is a little bit of deciding...and then some training. (which, it seems, you are willing to do)

On the reload (2nd vid), you have a little bit of "casting" as you present the gun back to the target. The front sight dips a bit and then comes back up (which shows you are watching it...a good thing).

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