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It would be "do-able", just not very efficient.

You can make up the capacity deficiency by using G-17 mags, but you couldn't really make up for the total lack of sight radius.

You COULD wipe your butt with a Q-Tip, but the old way is much more efficient!

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I once shot a USPSA match with a Glock 26, just for the experience. Got there and found I had picked an....interesting match to shoot with a G26. One 44-round field course (yes, it was that long ago), another with 25 yard head shots - with a G26. Like I said....interesting. :)

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I used my new G26 for the entire USPSA summer season at one of the local ranges. Started stages with the 10 rnd mag in the pistol, and G19 mags (loaded to 10 rnds max) for reloads.

It was fun! And educational!

It didn't hurt my scores either, which I found surprising! :rolleyes:

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